Jim Steel

For Jim, fishing began as a child, as a young as he can remember. He spent his time on the lakes and rivers of Western New York. Starting with a 16′ runabout and gradually working his way up over the years to a 31′ fully rigged charter / tournament boat. The fun of fishing as a child started and fueled the obsession as an adult.

Owner of Dream Catcher Sportfishing and operator of the 31′ Tiara, “Dream Catcher”, Jim is a US Coast Guard Master Captain. Predominately he spends the spring time fishing for salmon and trout on Lake Ontario and summer / fall for walleye on Lake Erie chartering and tournament fishing.

The tournament team participates in all the major walleye tournaments in the Erie Basin of Lake Erie. They have consistently finished in the top of the field. Their highlight was winning the 2012 Amera-Can tournament, one of the largest in the area.

Conducting many pro staff seminars at fishing clubs, outdoor shows and stores gives Jim the ability to share his knowledge and experience as well as promote techniques and products to educate others to increase their success.

In 2012, Jim and his wife / fishing partner, Diane, took their passion for the outdoors to a new level creating Innovative Outdoors. Their business focuses on selling and promoting fishing and hunting products that have been personally tested and proven.

Jim Dolly Sr. 0722130950

Jim Dolly Sr. the founder and Production Mgr. of Three-D Worm Harnesses With over 50 years of fishing mainly for Walleyes Jim and his Sons have 1st. place finishes in the Big Dawg, Amara-Can Walleye Classic, 444 Walleye International, Southtowns Walleye Tourney and back to back 1st place finishes in the Conservation Club Walleye Tourney along with many top     10 finishes. Jim also design and create the new colors and blade styles for Three-D products. He can be reached at jim.dolly@triplessporting.com.

Greg LaMere

Greg LaMere

Raised in the great place of Michigan. The Upper Peninsula, where were called Yoopers!
Started fishing with my Father and Brother all my life. Caught my first Walleye when I was 5 from shore bobber fishing.

Started fishing Walleye tournaments in 1979 with local derbies and such. One thing led to another. Bought my first boat in 1985. My first big tournament was with my Father. It was the Masters Walleye circuit. I fished that full time for approx. 10 Years. Moving up was the hard decision. Deciding to go with the, NASCAR of walleye tournaments. The In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail. I started in 1995 and became a full time sponsored pro. I was very successful in my career with many big fish prizes, Making the grade on my Rookie Year. I won a very prestigious prize from the PWT.  I won the Sharp Angler award for the way I kept my equipment and my presents top notch. It was voted on by all the other pros on the circuit. The only Rookie to receive it. Very humbling for me. My first 10 Years in the Pros was good, only doing fair. Those guys are good. So I stepped up my game and made it the top ten for the rest of my career. I want to Thank a lot of people , but the most influential person is Gary Roach. He was my mentor for awhile. I could ask him anything.  For the next 9 years. Making it to a PWT Championship is one of the hardest things to do. I made it several times and it is the best. To be recognized by your peers and fans is humbling to me. I just wanted to fish.

I’m like a lot of other pros and that goes for all sports. When the market dropped out. I retired. That didn’t work. So I started with marketing. I represent several companies and have great support from all. After retiring from the grind of fishing . I feel that I can share in what I had learned. The whole secret to keep this walleye fishing going is to give the information out. We are in the age of that. I want to pass a much knowledge forward. That’s what its all about for me. My mission statement is. To give back what the industries has given to me. They have been so gracious to help me. Success is hard work, with Great People.

Darrell Huff Darrell Huff - Smart Troll

Darrell Huff and Smart Troll Inc. have developed the next generation of depth, temperature and down speed technology.  The tiny Smart Troll Probes are literally about the size of a man’s index finger. They attach directly to your fishing line and transmit wireless communication through the water; to the boat detailing exact depth, temperature and speed at each individual lure. You can use up to 6 different probes on 6 different lines all at the same time and the small but powerful Probes are the foundation of the system.

You can now monitor “live” depth, temperature and even speed data for every line you use (Dipsy, Lead Core, Coppers, etc)…not just with your Down Riggers.

Smart Troll is revolutionizing the science of trolling and providing the most advanced underwater information system available today.

Damian - BayRatDamian Kuzmin

Damian is the president of Bay Rat Lures, located on the shores of Lake Erie have developed a NEW line of innovative bait presentations, specifically designed to target Walleyes and other open water trolling species

New lure design and manufacturing capabilities developed through years of research & development have produced new industry standards in lure concepts and productions.

Yvan Charriosyvan

Yvan and Get It Wet Sportfishing are a multi boat, multiport fishing charter operation in Ontario, Canada and have grown to be one of the largest if not the largest charter company on the Great Lakes.  Get It Wet operates 5 full time boats running in excess of 300 charters per yr.  Our boats range from our biggest being 46 feet and our smallest at 33 ft. http://www.getitwetsportfishing.ca

Our operation is very unique, 4/5 of our captains are bilingual.  This has helped marketing range from Ohio to Quebec into the Maritimes.

Tournaments have been a big proponent for our growth as we have a following of clients that check how were doing.  We feel our tournament success has helped us grow and hopefully continue this trend in the next few years.

We created King Of The Lake in 1999 and still strong today.  We have seen trends come and go in this marketplace.  With Companies like Dreamweaver, Fishawk, Scotty, Rapala, Suffix, Gamagatsu and Maui Jim its enabled us to demonstrate and share some of our winning tactics and hopefully help people with their learning curve on the water.  What does this relate to….. dollar savings and hopefully put a few more fish over the rail.  www.kingofthelake.ca

4467_1166716609402_4555264_nGlen Buehner

Captain Glen is the owner of LUDINGTON CHARTER SERVICE.  This summer will be my 14th year of chartering.  I operate 3 vessels, 2 out of the port of Ludington, Mi in Lake Michigan for Trout and salmon and 1 vessel out of Linwood, Mi in Saginaw bay for Walleye.  Switching gears between walleye and salmon on 2 different Great Lakes, sometimes on a daily basis  proves to be a challenge but forces me to focus harder on technique and has made me a better fisherman.

More speakers are being confirmed and profiles will up added as they are available.